Personal Coaching to Improve Workplace Writing

Practically everyone must write on the job. Whether it is a simple phone message, email, work order, or thought-provoking correspondence which will be sent to one of your company’s clients, everything you write makes a statement about your organization and you. Transform your writing at work from mediocre to magnificent! We will provide writing solutions in one-on-one and small group instructional formats for employees of all levels—from support staff to senior executives. Participants will immediately notice an improvement in their writing and editing skills. Learning strategies and topics will include: Incorporating the 7 Cs of effective written communication into written communication; pre-writing techniques; drafting; proofreading and editing tips; strategies for writing effective sentences, paragraphs and essays; how to avoid sentence fragments and run-on sentences, and how to prevent embarrassing mistakes which undermine credibility. This is an absolute must for employees who wish to enhance their writing skills and properly convey their messages.

We also will create writing topic-specific workshops for staff members and bring to your organization the dual qualities of a charismatic business teacher and dean/professor-style instructor who has taught for decades in the education arena.