A Message From The President

We’re back!

After more than a decade of ceasing most of our services, we have restructured JDH Training & Communications Group, and we’re better than ever before! Instead of the extensive array of workshops we previously offered, now, we serve as writing consultants and coaches and offer programs exclusively designed to improve the written communication skills of students in grades Pre-K through PhD, and employees who serve in all capacities. We also offer remote and on-site employee and corporate communication services in which we assist organizations in developing their internal and external communications.

We offer remote and on-site individualized writing coaching for employees which significantly improves workplace writing, one-on-one tutoring for students, and employee/corporate communications expertise, in which we write or edit workplace documents and save organizations time and stress. In short, we provide services for the entire business of living, not just to meet the rigorous demands of 9 to 5. The net result? Employees and students will have vastly improved writing skills which will, in turn, increase workplace and academic effectiveness, enhance employee morale and make students’ confidence soar.

We also offer support to the legal profession. We will review deposition transcripts for lawyers in search of genuine issues of material fact and write your Local Rule 56.1 Statements of Fact and supporting memorandum for summary judgment. Additionally, we write and edit appellate opening and reply briefs and provide coaching services to attorneys on how to create them. Please click on the “Legal Research, Writing and more.

Ex-Offender Reentry, a program of second chance for ex-offenders, is another program we offer, in which we provide job training, educational and other supportive services. Please click on the “Ex-Offender Reentry” button for more information regarding Ex-Offender Reentry (Fresh Start).

Businesses deliver quality services and increase productivity when they employ knowledgeable, highly-skilled, efficient staff who can successfully serve their clients and perform effectively and expeditiously in this competitive business world. JDH Training & Communications Group provides the professional development individuals and organizations need to help meet written communication requirements and achieve organizational goals.

Writing frequently is the basis upon which intelligence, work performance, and the assessments teachers use to grade school work are judged. It often defines who we are as a person and makes our thinking transparent. It helps to advance our ability to express and present ourselves, it enables us to pose thought-provoking questions to others, and it equips us with the ability to participate effectively in school, the workplace and a democracy. In short, effective writing skills are a critical part of our lives, and we cannot function without them.

Most people spend a good deal of time each day conveying written messages via emails, letters, texts and Tweets. Whether we are messaging a colleague, writing a paper for school, or preparing correspondence at work, quite frankly, our writing skills can help or hinder us in our personal lives or professional careers and are instrumental in how we succeed in both.

People who have good writing skills generally are perceived as more credible than those who do not. Consider what you would think of someone who sent a message to you which contained typographical and grammatical errors. Your perception of that person as a professional would not be favorable, would it? Even if it simply were an email or note, you would still question that person’s proofreading and literacy skills, and perhaps even their intelligence. More important, if effective writing skills are a job requirement—and let’s face it, many positions do require good writing skills—you must be able to meet this requirement in order to maintain your job. Likewise, students who receive higher grades are those who tend to be better writers, usually are able to express themselves via the written word more effectively and generally are considered more intelligent and competent than their classmates.

Our programs are not recycled instructional sessions. We custom-design employee and student writing plans after assessing the specific needs of our clients. Using the 7Cs of Writing, we offer world class learning solutions for each of our clients—from support staff to senior executives, and from Pre-K to PhD level students—to make writing clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous. We place a strong emphasis on grammatical errors, punctuation, and using the proper words when creating work documents and school papers.

Remember, writing plays a critical role in our personal and professional lives, and we know that people from the classroom to the boardroom have great difficulty expressing themselves in writing. Therefore, if your business, organization, agency, or employee is seeking quality and optimum learning approaches and strategies, or if you or your child needs to improve written communication skills, make JDH Training & Communications Group your first choice for maximizing personal and professional empowerment and succeeding in the worlds of work and academia.

Contact us to learn how we coach students and employees to ensure that their writing advances their productivity at work or at school by satisfying readers and clients.

We look forward to working with you in the 21st Century to help shape your written communication requirements and make you and/or your organization a model of efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, and productivity.

Yours sincerely,


Joyce Hutchens