Ex-offender Reentry (Fresh Start)

Fresh Start is an ex-offender re-entry program devoted exclusively to empowering those who have lost, but wish to find their way. The program was born of founder, Joyce Hutchens’ perception of the perilous predicament ex-offenders face when they are released from jail and prison. Thus, Fresh Start provides employability and life skills, and entrepreneurial training to men and women who are seeking to re-enter the community and workplace after being incarcerated.

Research and actual case studies have confirmed that society can help combat recidivism and ensure safer communities by helping male and female ex-offenders acquire the skills necessary for them to become productive, independent citizens and avoid recidivism.

Hutchens has responded to this challenge by establishing Fresh Start, which develops technical and workplace skills, enhances self-esteem and self-confidence, and puts participants in a “self-employed” rather than “employee” mindset.

To ensure that the previously incarcerated can achieve self-sufficiency while transitioning back into their communities we offer the following programs:

  • GED Preparation – Taught exclusively by State of Illinois Certified Teachers
  • Computer Training
  • Adult Literacy Skill Building (Reading and Writing)
  • Job Readiness Skill Building