Providing services for the entire business of living,
not just to meet the rigorous demands of 9 to 5.

Our Mission

The founding mission of JDH Training & Communications Group is to provide services for the entire business of living, not just to meet the rigorous demands of 9 to 5. We develop employee potential and improve performance for large and small, public and private organizations. We strive to ensure that our clients achieve the greatest possible personal and professional success by creating a workplace that is productive, clearly directed, and which leaves little room for disorganization or confusion.

Experience Our Experience

We’re proud of our team. With excellent employment and academic credentials and a combined total of more than 125 years of experience in training, administration, communications and education, we have established and maintained relationships with a diverse clientele. We believe that solid customer service is simply what good business is all about–not only because it makes us look good, but because we understand that the only way to achieve high-performance is through high-performing people.

Our Commitment to You

What matters most to us is what matters most to you–quality, performance and excellence, as defined by your needs and expectations. JDH Training & Communications Group is committed to providing valid responses to these three critical issues which confront all businesses. We pledge to help your staff learn the strategies and techniques necessary to help your organization become more successful in this era of ever-evolving technology, rapid change and growth and more competitive in the industry in which you serve.

The Value We Place In You

We know that when selecting your service providers, you are seeking the efficiency, effectiveness, pricing, and delivery that brings the greatest value to your organization or you. customer service excellence is the premise upon which JDH Training & Communications Group was established, and the fundamental tenet upon which we provide our service.

Our Vision as We Step Into the Future

In the 21st Century, organizational success will depend, more than ever before, on people working together productively and creating new business ideas expeditiously. In order to accomplishment these goals, your staff must be able to communicate effectively, and your company must be able to convey written messages to external constituents and deliver results quickly and consistently. JDH Training & Communications Group will provide your business with the performance tools and resources that will help your company maintain the solid reputation it has worked so hard to build. We’re excited about helping your to enhance your employees’ writing skills and assisting with your corporate communication requirements and goals.